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About Me: Nuria McGrath

I've been there, lived there,
paid rent there too.

I've been blessed with many life challenges, nothing is far fetched for me.

Come as you are and share your stories with me.

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My 'Why'

Finding me...again

"What do you want to do after you graduate Nuria?" a college classmate asked. "Well, after completing three years in the Coast Guard Officer Corp, I'll join 'Teach for America' teach inner city students while pursuing a PhD in Psychology. I'll finish my degree at the age of 27 and then open up a daycare and a hair salon", I replied. "Wow, have you factored in a family?" he asked. "No," I replied, "You can't plan for that."


For me, those words were true. I went on to get pregnant at the age of 21 and while I still went into the

Coast Guard Officer Corp and even joined AmeriCorps, I, somewhere along the way, lost my ability to fully dream, to say 'no' to things, ideas, requests that didn't align with me, and to be happy. I lost my ability to find space for myself in my own life. I pushed down my inner voice and after gaining a husband and two more children, I became an angry, victimized, bitter, and unhappy person with no boundaries on myself (I even went to the bathroom with the door open!).


In 2017, after realizing that my husband no longer liked me (heck, I didn't like me 90 percent of the time), I began a six year transformation process. Recognizing that any change in my life started with me, I began meditating daily. Every time I felt my blood begin to boil, I'd excuse myself (or not, sometimes I just ran away), go into my closet, light a candle (kids don't do this at home) and listen to Deepak Chopra. I started a prayer group with my friends to help me take the focus off of myself and I exercised daily.


Although my life was better, I still couldn't figure out why I was angry and how to fix it. Furthermore, I began to have intense pain in my neck and shoulders, the weight of the world sitting upon me. I continued to explore and dig and have finally found myself in a beautiful place of forgiveness, acceptance, and awareness. Thanks to Reiki, yoga, meditation, coaching,

and visualizations, I am pain free, light, a kid again and happy. I get to say yes to myself even if that means saying no to someone else! I get to keep wondering about my hiccups, learning from them, healing and transforming.


Along my journey, I realized just how much I enjoyed teaching people the things that I had learned, using my own life as a testimony. And so now I find myself in the most amazing place, a place I am humbled to be, a place where I get to help you. Although my transformation took six years, the meteoric leap for me happened within the last nine months...through coaching, meditation, and yoga and because I was finally ready.

Are You?

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