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The 'Choose You' Program

Rediscover and Uncover

Using Identity Based Coaching, rediscover the life you have always imagined. Say 'yes' to what you want. Dig deep into those limiting beliefs, 'I'm not good enough', 'No one cares,' 'What I want doesn't matter,' 'I'm too busy to take time for myself.'

Feel and Heal

Using Reiki and Chakra Restorative Yoga, find out what your emotions are here to teach you. Forgive yourself, tell yourself it isn't true, accept the beautiful you, allow healing.


Appreciate and Integrate

Oooh wee, the fun part! Using mindful meditation and visualizations, you get to tell yourself a new story and walk, run, hop, skip, jump into the new most amazing you. I'm so excited for you!

What You Get

Twelve Identity Based Group Coaching Sessions

Over four months, you go through 12 weeks of group coaching. Discover that one amazing attribute that you may not realize you have because it's so obvious. I help you set goals based on what you want and I work with you to establish ways to help you achieve those goals. You dig to discover anything that may be holding you back from saying yes to yourself as I hold space for reflection.

Twelve Meditation and Visualization Classes

Over four months, we go through 12 meditation and visualization classes. Each class is designed to encourage you to develop an appreciation for who you are and love all the versions of yourself that got you to where you are. Then, you create and integrate your new self via beautiful visualizations.

Twelve Reiki and Chakra Restorative Classes

Over four months, you go through 12 classes. I incorporate Reiki and Chakra cleansing positions into a Restorative yoga class to help with the healing and clearing process. All you do is lay down with a pillow. Words will not accurately describe this process but it is built for dragonfly transformation.

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